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Real Estate and Relocation Services

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Relocation can be made easier by using us to help you find land, gardens, villas, apartments, offices etc...whatever you need, you can tell us, and we can help you relocate more easily by providing assistance to you and your family or business.  In addition, if you are in realestate now, we can help you finalize the deal with foreigners by providing you with professional assistance and interpretation services in English, French, and Turkish.  We can also assist real estate agents in providing services to help you do sales in English as well.  We can help you make you make your mark in the international real estate world and trade network. 

Now is the time to professionally train your staff to be able to do sales in English.  Foreigners from all over the world come to Istanbul and Turkey to buy property while on vacation, but leave with nothing because they cannot find people that can speak English in order to establish the trust that they need to purchase a home.  Why let them leave when you could train your staff now.  More and more investors from all over the world want to buy land especially because of the new International Airport ready to be built in Istanbul.  While investors are buying up the land around the airport, your people are missing out on sales because they don't know English.  Get them trained now with our English Specific Purposed program directly related to sales in real estate.   

Our professional English sales training staff includes American licensed Real Estate Agents who know how to train your staff to close the deal.  Certain words and key phrases are more specific and effective than others.  Be head and shoulders above the competition.  Also learn cultural sensitivity. 

If they are not prepared, then you and your company are losing money that should be going into your pocket.  Give the foreingers the reassurance they need by being able to communicate with them properly and learn the best way to let them have confidence in you.  When they go home, not only will they tell their family and friends they bought property, but they will be referring others directly to your professionally trained sales staff. Call today to make arrangements for workshops at our location or your location.