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ELT Conference (full details will follow)

May 11, 2013, Changing Trends, Timeless Principals, Learning Dynamics, Interactive Brain Stimulation, ELT,

International Story Telling Conference

April 7, 2012, Interactive Story Telling and Creativity in the Classroom.

International ELT Conference

March 31, 2012, Based on the “Use of Technology in Student Centered Learning.”

2012 Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and Oxford University Press Teacher Training Program Oxford Teacher’s Academy for Teaching English to Adults (TEA Certification)

Oxford Seminar

2008 TESOL Certification Teaching English as a Second Language to second language learners.  

Oxford Seminar

2008 TESL Certification Teaching English as a Second Language Grammar is Groovy teaching techniques. 



Texas Real Estate License

2006 License obtained to buy/ sell/ trade/ and rent all property in the state of Texas.

Arkansas Insurance License

2006 Licensed to sell Home Owners Insurance/ Life Insurance/ and Health Insurance in the state of Arkansas.

Learning Difference Children Special Teaching Techniques Training Seminar

2005 Academic Academy Certificate of Completion

Excelsior University

2007 B.S. in English Literature


2000 B.A. in Education

Antelope Valley College

1988 A.A. Degree in Business

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Seminar by Betty Edwards

1987 Certificate of Completion

West Valley Occupational Center

1986 Certificate of Completion for Clothing Design.

Cleveland High School

1983 High School Degree in Art/History Double Major and General Education.


Details on Certifications and Diplomas

ELT Conference

“Changing Trends, Timeless Principals, Learning Dynamics-ELT- May 11, 2013. 

ð  Technology in the class.  Interactive chat in the classroom. Using cell phones in the classroom for the internet, Google, and information technology.

ð  Principals of Interactive Brain Stimulation

ð  Teaching through art, music, and poetry.

ð  Teaching adjectives by using rhythms in music and songs.

International Story Telling Conference

April 7, 2012

Creativity in the classroom through storytelling and interactive listening skills.

ð  Story Telling and Interactive Listening skills.

ð  Listening Techniques.

ð  Using sound and sign language in the classroom.

ð  Incorporating body language.

ð  Story Telling through media, film making, and documentary films.

ð  Acting through the media.

ð  Brainstorming creative techniques.

International ELT Conference on the “Use of Technology in Student Centered Learning”

March 31, 2012, Focus on technology in the classroom with interactive online open chats, photographs, projectors, and using texts on the computer to keep the students focused.

Oxford University Department for Continuing Education and Oxford University Press “Teacher Training Program” in the Oxford Teacher Academy for Teaching English to Adults (T.E.A. Certification)  2012.  Focus on

ð  Interactive Reading Techniques

ð  Memorization games

ð  Sentence structure learning techniques

ð  Grammar games

ð  Grammar tense activities

ð  Self Correction

ð  Regeneration of vocabulary words

ð  Building Vocabulary

ð  Validation of Exams

ð  Testing techniques

ð  Testing validity

ð  Writing Criteria

ð  Writing Techniques

ð  Criticism

ð  Editing Techniques

ð  Warm ups

ð  Cool Downs

ð  Kinetic Activities

ð  Student Centered Learning

ð  Games with Student Centered Techniques

ð  Post Card Writing

ð  Post Card Story Telling Techniques

ð  Reading Dynamics


Oxford Seminar TESL Certification

2008 Teaching English as a Second Language

ð  Teaching Grammar

ð  Grammar is Groovy

ð  Kinetics in the classroom

ð  Focus on verb tenses

ð  Using student centered warm up activities

ð  Cool downs

ð  Structuring lesson plans

ð  Interactive strategies

ð  Bringing Dynamic techniques into the classroom

ð  Using tactile stimuli

ð  Story Telling

ð  Speaking topics

ð  Lesson plans

ð  Teaching Beginners, Intermediate learners, and Advance learners

ð  Vocabulary Techniques

ð  Incorporating music and lyrics into the classroom

ð  Speech and speaking techniques

ð  Study Skills

ð  Motivation of Autonomous Learning


Texas Real Estate License

2006 Acquired legal rights of owners, sellers, and obligations of Real Estate Agents.  Fiduciary Duties, legal obligations, types of ownership, home ownership rights, tenants in common rights, time share ownership, legal sales, back ground checks, inspections, real property, condo ownership, life estates, apartment building ownership, ownership fees, and personal property.

Arkansas Insurance License

Acquired in 2006, legal rights of insurance, loop holes, health insurance, home owner insurance, rental insurance, life insurance, documentation, Fiduciary duties, and legal rights of beneficiaries. Explaining insurance policies, sales, follow up, and duties.


Learning Differenced Children Specialized Training Certificate of Completion

2005 Specialized training in the following areas:

ð  Teaching children with Dyslexia

ð  Teaching children with Bi-polar Disorder

ð  Teaching children with Autism

ð  Teaching children with ADD

ð  Teaching children with ADHD

ð  Helping students to stay focused

ð  Using various teaching techniques

ð  Using 3-D teaching techniques

ð  Introducing clay into the classroom

ð  Incorporation of Art into the classroom to help students focus

ð  Using oral stimuli and art to slow down mind

ð  Organizational skill classes for students

ð  Using interactive writing skills in the classroom

ð  Journal writing

ð  Skit writing

ð  Incorporating color theory in the classroom

ð  Art writing

ð  Understanding Learning Difference Students’ struggles

ð  Incorporation of art and music in the classroom

ð  Teaching literary analysis through cinema

ð  Keeping focus


Excelsior University

B.A. in English Literature

Learned the following:

ð  Women’s Literature including Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Go Ask Alice, Anne Frank’s Diary, The Yellow Wall Paper, Emily Dickenson’s poetry, Frankenstein, and Jane Eyre.

ð  Romantic Writers, Lord Byron, Wordsworth, Percy Shelly, Mary Shelly, Keats, Poe, Blake and Melville.

ð  The Transcendentalists, Emerson, Thoreau, Whitman, Poe, Melville, Dickenson’s classical literature, and readings included Moby Dick, Scarlet Letter, Billy Budd,

ð  Old English focus on Chaucer.

ð  Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Mid Summer Night’s Dream, King Leer, Othello, Julius Caesar, and Taming of the Shrew.

ð  Drama: Glass Menagerie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cherry Orchard, Raisin in the Sun, Look Whose Coming to Dinner, West Side Story, and others; writers included Arthur Miller, Tennessee Miller, Shakespeare, and others.

ð  Early American Writers: Colonial Literature, John Smith, William Penn, Mather, Anne Bradford, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, Washington Irving, and others.

ð  Modern American Writers: Anne Sexton, Hemmingway, Ezra Pound, E.E. Cummings, James Joyce, Steinbeck, T.S. Elliot, William Faulkner, and others. Readings included “The Waste Land,” “The Cinderella Complex,” “A Good Soldier,” “The Great Gatsby,” “A Farewell to Arms,” “A Rose for Emily,” “The Grapes of Wrath,” “Of Mice and Men,” and numerous other writings.

ð  Poetry Reading

ð  Poetry Writing

ð  Magazine Writing: Magazine writing, magazine editing, compiling, judging, advertising, producing and publishing.

ð  Publications- Written in Blood, Various Poems, and COC 25th Anniversary Edition.

ð  Book Writing, Brain storming, expanding, critiquing, evaluating, self analyzing, correcting, and editing.

ð  Technical Writing: Focus on process business writing.

ð  Literary Analysis: How to write literary analysis, psychological analysis, religious analysis, decomposition, deconstruction, imagery, and feminist view.

ð  Composition Writing 1 & 2: Focus on creative writing, narratives, mottos, storytelling, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person narratives, Argumentative Essay writing, Compare/Contrast writing, Research papers, persuasive essays, “Stream of Consciousness” etc….

ð  Creative Writing: Writing story formulas, poetry, stories with morals, imagery, figurative language, allegorical writing skills, writing with ambiguity, using names with dual meanings, writing with duality, writing fairy tales, writing classics, etc…

ð  Journal Writing, freedom of expression, writing poetry, free writing, uncensored writing, journalistic writing, poetry, self expression, self discovery, and free writing.

ð  Victorian Literature

ð  Psychological literary analysis

ð  Classical Literature: Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, Chaucer, The Green Knight, Knights of the Round Table, etc…

ð  Children’s Literature: Alice in Wonderland, Grims’ Fairytales, Aesop Fables, SRA reading, Disney analysis, etc…

ð  Greek and Roman Mythology, Myths and Legends by Joseph Campbell, analysis of mythology, paradigms, psychological need of myths, etc…

ð  Mark Twain: Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, The Jumping Frogs of Calvarias County, etc…

ð  Cultural Diversity in Literature: Beloved, Toni Morrison, The Invisible Man, American Indian writers, Chinese writers, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Open discussions on cultural sensitivity, and understanding other people’s perspectives based on their culture and background.

ð  Children’s Literature: Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, analyzing children’s stories, poetry, Nursery Rhymes, and Children’s Themes.

ð  Women’s Literature: Uncle Tom’s Cabin, power and impact literature had on the times, affects of politics in literature, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Toni Morrison, Jane Austin, Virginia Wolf, Alice Walker, and the Bronte sisters.

ð  Political Science: The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Establishing a government, checks and balances, Ten Amendments, understanding American rights, understanding case laws, Applying our rights to the Bill of Rights, passing new laws, passing new amendments, changing laws, landmark cases,….etc…

ð  Geology: Types of Rocks, Rock formations, Volcanoes, fossils, gems, recognizing types of gems, Earthquakes, hotspots, etc….

ð  Oceanography: Trends in the ocean, causes of waves, Tsunamis, types of fish, affects of the ocean, affects of the moon, animals, and the Mariana discoveries, etc…

ð  Critical Thinking: Analyzing information, philosophy, open minded thinking, planning, organizing thoughts, making connections, etc…

ð  Philosophy: Kant, Yung, Socrates, Aristotle, Greek philosophers, and thought provoking ideas.

ð  Sociology: Effects society has on individuals, culture, cultural diversity, affects society has on children, interconnections between cultures and society, etc….

ð  Psychology: understanding the mind, studying great psychiatrists, types of psychological disorders, Bi-polar disorders, schizophrenia, split personality disorders, famous psychiatrists, etc…

ð  Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurship, how to start a small business, business planning, funding, advertising techniques, etc…

ð  Business Math: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, balance sheets, payroll, tax refund forms, Bank account investments, etc….

ð  Business English: Letter writing, Fine grammar points, the importance of professionalism, writing for affect, etc…

ð  Accounting 1 & 2: Ledgers, Balance Sheets, Month end, stock, etc…

ð  Introduction to Business: Type businesses, sole ownership, partnership, proprietorship, conglomeration, stock, bonds, raising funds, etc….

ð  2 Dimension art: drawing, shading, abstract space, etc…

ð  Oil Painting: Oil painting techniques, color theory, textural techniques, mixing color, still life, scenery, ocean scenes, landscapes, sunsets, clouds, rocks,  making and stretching canvas, etc…

ð  Life Drawing 1 & 2: Drawing live models, spacing, charcoal, pencil, mixed mediums, oil, pastel, colored pencils, etc…

ð  Design 1 & 2: two dimensional designs, positive and negative space, emotions, incorporating emotions into design, drawing on the right side of the brain, drawing upside down, space and distance, etc…

ð  Calligraphy: Old Style, Modern, writing poetry, edging, burning, styling, etc…

ð  Drama: Acting, drama, comedy, set design, improv, writing dramas, etc…

ð  Clothing Design: Drawing an idea, taking the design from thought to pattern, to cutting, marking, grading, and sewing, prep for show.  Able to make bags, shirts, blouses, t-shirts, skirts, dresses, and other women’s apparel.

ð  Art Appreciation incorporated into oil painting class: Studying famous artists such as Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Deale, Dali, Picasso, etc…

ð  Computer Technology: Writing computer programs, video technology, using the internet, Windows, Apple, IPAD, Power Point Presentations, Video presentations, etc…Mac Paint, MacWrite, digital photography, Photoshop, cutting, splicing, etc….

ð  Journalism: Lead stories, writing styles, Titles, Lead sentences, etc….

ð  Teaching Strategies: Teaching techniques, tactile learning, kinetic learning, visual learning, incorporating listening, hearing, speaking, seeing, and prime time learning techniques.

ð  SRA Reading: Vocabulary building, Reading for Comprehension, Question and Answers, Reading Aesop’s Fables, Classical Reading and teaching from SRA.

ð  School of Tomorrow Lesson Planning: Teaching sentence structure, analyzing for reading techniques, dissecting sentences, evaluation of material, grading process, motivating the students, raise moral, etc…

ð  School of Tomorrow Grammar: Teaching students grammar though tactile learning process, diagramming sentences, break down of grammar, teaching building vocabulary techniques through grammar, teaching grammar through games, etc…

ð  School of Tomorrow School Set up: How to start a school, legal obligations, training teachers, hiring, firing, human resources, taxes, payroll, teaching techniques, trouble shooting, sales, etc…

ð  Expository Writing Skills: Learning and teaching expository writing skills, brain storming, collective brain storming, creative writing, sample writing, etc….


ð  Computer skills: Power Point Presentations, IPAD, Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Internet, Internet research, Mac Paint, Mac Write, Photoshop, Photography, Video, etc….

ð  Type by touch, approximately 75 wpm…

ð  Writing Books

ð  Writing skits


ð  Published Author: Wrote TOEFL Tricks and Tools

ð  All Things Revealed

ð  Mutability

ð  Walk Through the Flame

ð  Published in Written in Blood

ð  1st Place Art Award

ð  Service to the College Award at College of the Canyons

Work History

2011-2013 Kadir Has University

English Instructor

Native English Instructor: Taught English as a Second Language to Adult Learners.  Beginning, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced Levels.

2010-2011 Wall Street Institute

Native English Instructor: Taught all levels of speaking

2008- 2010 Prestige:

Taught TOEFL skills to students to pass TOEFL exams specifically in listening and speaking areas.  Taught possible questions, answers, structuring of speaking and writing. 


2005-2008 Texas Independent School District:

American Sign Language 1 & 2 Classes.  Taught both hearing and non-hearing students how to communicate using the hands.

Independent Contractor:

Taught English in Antelope Valley College, College of the Canyons, CSUN, CSLA, The Ark Academy, and the Academic Academy.

Assistant Operational Manager: Trained employees in customer service satisfaction, Won 3 years in a row Customer Satisfaction in Los Angeles, Trained employees in sales, trouble shooting skills, customer service skills, wrote manuals, think tanks, service improvement, customer focus, human resources, etc….

Hobbies: Teaching, reading, writing, traveling, painting, drawing, and singing.