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Tourism is big business for everyone in every country, and we all know that people want to travel to places where they know they are understood and will be taken care of by courteous polite staff that knows their needs ahead of time.  We will help train your staff in your resturants, ships, hotels, tours, and airlines.  Knowing people's basic needs before they ask is part of great customer service as well as customer satisfaction.  We will create a training program especially for you and your business with skits, real life scenarios, and interactive dramatizations.  We can also help you to develope special entertainment to keep your customers happy and ready to come back time and time again with friends.  One of the most important things that tourism and travel agency need to do is to entertain people by giving them more than just food and drink.  We will show you how to have fun at work while creating an atmosphere to promote your business world wide...this could just be the beginning of something wonderful for you and your staff to create an enjoyable place to work, live, travel, and tour...